Controlling sex film producers

Controlling sex film producers

Producers of sex films who manipulate and control actors, could be committing a criminal offence

The criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour is rampant in the adult video / sex worker industry and many controlling sex film producers are guilty of it.

What is the criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour

Coercive control in the sex film industry

Why isn't coercive behaviour reported more in the sex industry

Who can help when threatened by a sex film producer

What is the criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour

The criminal offence of Coercive behaviour is an act of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish or frighten their victim. Controlling behaviour is a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependant by isolating them from sources of support. They exploit their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour.

It is a serious criminal offence and imprisonment for the criminal act of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour is 5 years.

What is Coercive control in the sex film industry

Coercive control in the sex film industry is rife. You only have to fear violence and feel alarm and distress on two occasions for this to amount to the criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour. So many sex workers suffer psychological, physical, financial, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of controlling sex film producers on a regular basis. 

What is trending in porn videos can often depict what controlling sex film producers want from their sex actors. Many sex film actors would not agree to what they end up doing when the camera is rolling, due to the vile nature. Many porn workers are forced to do all sorts of fetish, extreme and violent style sex films. These are more lucrative to the controlling sex film producers and many sex actors are of course afraid and reluctant to perform in them.

Clients have told us that the sex film producers are renown for their violence against them, forcing them to partake in sex films that they do not want to. 

Why porn workers don't report sex film producers

Porn workers don't report sex film producers because of many reasons. The behaviours that sex film producers often portray amount to the criminal offences of harassment and Controlling and Coercive Behaviour. 

The criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour is very underused by police and the CPS, particularly in the sex worker and porn industry. This gives controlling sex film producers more oxygen.

The police underuse it and often don't give support to sex workers which cancels out reporting for the sex worker. Also, what puts sex workers off reporting is the societal stigmatisation, since it would be a waste of time, fearing disbelief and victim-blaming.

Also, due to the nature of the relationship, the sex worker may have been threatened with violence if they even think about seeking help or an escape. Many sex workers have a distorted sense of normality because of the mental powers that controlling sex film producers have over them.

Who can help when threatened by a sex film producer

Our team of internet lawyers can help sex film actors when threatened by a film producer. If you are in that fearful situation and that you recognise that your sex film producer is repeatedly threatening and bullying you, we can assist. 

When your sex film producer is committing this criminal offence of controlling and coercive behaviour and he has warned you not to seek help because you will pay for it in so many ways, there are ways that you can be helped. Calling us or emailing us by clicking on the contact form is a start. We will protect you and ask the courts to grant you anonymity and help you as much as we can. 

Our team of internet lawyers legally represent porn and sex workers and anyone that has found themselves in similar exploitative situations with controlling sex film producers and other sex worker managers. We are discreet, protect you as much as we can and we don't judge.

We get so much out of tracking down these controlling sex film producers that are committing criminal acts of controlling and coercive behaviour and most of them are quick to cooperate when we track them down for fear of exposure themselves. We are here, waiting to support you: 0800-612-7211 / helpline at 

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