Help for strippers suffering harassment

Strip clubs are not always run by wholesome people and you can't really choose your customers. So, there is always the possibility of stripper harassment and violence being inflicted on sex club workers.

Stripper harassment legal advice

A stripper's harassment story 

Threatened with blackmail as a stripper

Specialist stripper harassment lawyer 

Stripper harassment legal advice

The harassment that some strippers suffer can vary. You only have to fear violence and feel alarm and distress on two occasions for this to amount to the criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour. Controlling and Coercive Behaviour is another form of harassment - a criminal offence and civil wrongdoing.

Blackmail and sextortion is another serious criminal offence and is on the uprise, unfortunately. It doesn't matter whether the demands are possible or how the demands are made; implied, expressed, spoken, written or through conduct.

Someone else uploading a film of a sexual nature without the person that acted in the film's consent is classed a Revenge Porn issue and is a criminal offence. Revenge Porn applies to all uploading of images and films without consent, from anyone, not just someone that you know or once knew.

There are breach of privacy issues in doxing cases, where strippers have had their images uploaded. Included with their images there has been personal information like their real name and their address, which leads to a wider scale of harassment. 

A stripper's harassment story

A client who works as a stripper told us about the hardest part of the stripping world. It wasn't the taking off clothes and dancing naked in front of people for her and her colleagues. It was the bullying, control and harassment of strippers that they experienced from the Managers and customers, along with the knowledge that it would be hard to report any abuse to doctors and police and get legal help, due to the stigma and lack of support consensus and because of fear of further incrimination.

The stripper that we shall call Carla had joined the stripping world through choice when she left school. It wasn't because she desperately needed the money to put food on the table, since her parents paid her rent and living expenses. Carla had become a stripper because she craved an outlet for her sexual expression, didn't want a 9-5 Monday to Friday job and wanted financial independence. It seemed like an easy option, getting paid to dance, keep fit and release her inner extrovert. Her rebellious side saw stripping as liberating, since she also wore a wig and a mask in her performances. It was her secret. 

Threatened with blackmail as a stripper

Being threatened with blackmail as a stripper can make strippers feel trapped. As time went by, the Manager started to threaten Carla that she wasn't selling herself enough and that she had to make more money or there would be serious consequences. She thought about leaving the sex club and look for something outside of the sex club industry.

She hadn't thought about the huge gap in her CV though and how she would explain what she had been doing to any future employer. So, she stayed and endured the stripper harassment.

The Manager upped his abuse from not only mental but physical abuse. He started threatening her and blackmailing her with exposure by uploading her filmed sex acts. He told her that he would add her legal name onto the internet too, if she didn't comply to certain customer and club demands.

Navigating the secrecy of working in a sex club, coupled with the societal stigmatisation and the oppression that she felt from the sex club manager stopped Carla from seeking help. She wanted help from the police but felt that they wouldn't listen. She wanted to speak with a doctor but doctors' surgeries are not the most private of places. (The receptionist always needs details of why you want to see your doctor and this can be overheard by others and is documented by office staff that may not be bound by confidentiality).

Carla could not risk anyone finding out about her stripping. She felt trapped, since she feared the sex club manager, which led to her feeling isolated. The bullying and stripper harassment that she was experiencing was taking its toll. She took to drinking lots of alcohol to get her through the shifts. Carla wasn't feeling so liberated anymore. Until she came to us for legal help.

Specialist stripper harassment lawyer 

Specialist stripper harassment lawyers are hard to come by. This misconception that there aren't any lawyers that would help anyone that works in the sex industry, is false. We are here to provide the same legal help for sex workers that we would to anyone, no matter their line of work. We represent people that have found themselves in similar exploitative situations, with all the issues and challenges that they are facing in the sex industry.

Strippers and sex workers that suffer harassment, sextortion and blackmail, privacy breach threats and anything internet related are specialist legal topics. If you are looking to seek legal advice from a specialist internet lawyer that understands the intricacies of the internet, we will be delighted to assist you. 

Sex worker harassment legal advice is something that all our lawyers are trained to advise on, so feel confident in calling us today, for confidential advice: 0800 612 7211.