Getting help for Sex worker online abuse 

Sex workers are one of the most harassed group of people in the country. In the UK, thousands of sex workers are being harassed each day offline and tens of thousands of them are suffering sex worker online abuse.

How some sex workers suffer online abuse

Why don't sex workers report online abuse

How sex workers suffer other types of harassment

Are there lawyers that specialise in sex worker online abuse

How some sex workers suffer online abuse

Sex workers can suffer online abuse, just as anyone else who advertises their work online. Many sex workers choose to do sex work and manage their own business online, through social media and their own websites. Sex workers can be harassed online by former clients who threaten to reveal their real names or to publish sex videos of them. In one recent successful case, a sex worker was harassed on the internet by someone who falsely claimed that she had HIV and that she was having unprotected sex. 

Many sex workers enter the industry because the pay for working as an escort or as a casual sex worker is relatively high, at least at the beginning. Unfortunately, on too many occasions, matters can get out of the sex worker's control. The beginning of the loss of control and to feel safer, is often a tempting offer to work online with someone, do sex cam work, create sex videos or the opportunity to perform for a higher price. 

Ultimately, the harassment and online abuse that sex workers are up against, can leave many sex workers feeling vulnerable.

Why don't sex workers report online abuse

Why sex workers don't report online abuse could be for a variety of reasons, including stigma and fear, but many do not seek legal advice or go to the police. If a sex worker becomes the subject of online harassment, he or she can start to believe that they are to blame for the situation they find themselves in. This is because they have actively chosen to advertise sex online and feel they are somewhat responsible. They also don't expect a great deal of sympathy or understanding to their situation by those who are in charge of law enforcement.

Not reporting internet harassment to the police is common amongst sex workers. Firstly because they could be afraid to. Sex workers who are harassed are often worried that their complaint will not be followed through by the police and that matters could be made worst for them as a result. Second, sex workers who are harassed can suffer from lack of confidence for assistance. They might have been subjected to humiliation by their harasser or by somebody else who is connected to their harasser. In some cases they are being controlled by their harasser as part of a coercive relationship.

Thirdly, sex workers who are being harassed are often depending on their harasser for income. They are worried that the source of income could disappear should the harasser get arrested. Fourth, some workers are also being blackmailed. They are often being blackmailed with information that relates to their sex work. Fifth, many sex workers who are being harassed do not have the mental strength to deal with the legal justice system.

How sex workers suffer other types of harassment

Sex workers can suffer from all types of harassment. If they are controlled by others, for instance. They can often find themselves  in 'coercive and controlling behaviour sex work situations' from which escape is both difficult and dangerous, and they often fear their pimps or sex film producers.

Some sex workers are migrants and fear deportation and trafficked sex workers do not hold their own passports.

Producers of sex videos often exploit the sex video performers, plying them with drugs and alcohol to get them to sign consent orders and release forms and all the while, humiliate them, sexually and physically abuse them and keeping them under their control. Fearing for their lives and of exposure, many sex workers and sex video actors feel unprotected and at the mercy of their clients, pimps and sex film producers. This gives oxygen to the perpetrators of sex worker harassment.

Are there lawyers who specialise in sex worker online abuse

There are only a few lawyers in the UK who have experience in providing legal advice to sex workers. Advising on harassment online, breach of privacy and coercive and controlling behaviour for instance, are specialist legal topics. This means sex workers should always seek advice from a specialist porn lawyer who represents sex workers and pornography actors, who knows what to do in all instances. One that understands the intricacies of the internet and the laws. Also, an internet lawyer that does not judge, appreciates the privacy required for their clients and one that deals with online sex-related cases for any person from whatever walk of life - in any profession.

Our lawyers are specifically trained to deal with cases of sex workers harassment. Cohen Davis don't care about your passport status or where you are from but we do care if you are being abused, harassed and treated badly. We concentrate on prosecuting the perpetrators of sex worker harassment and abuse. Whenever you feel confident enough to make a call, you can call us free: 0800-612-7211. You can also email us to helpline(at) or use our contact form.