Sex video filmed without consent

Non consensual sex videos

Non-consensual sex videos and sex filmed posted without consent.

So if you had videos posted on the internet, which had been filmed or published online without your valid consent, you would no doubt feel extremely invaded. that said, sometimes could take years before victims of no-consensual publication gather the courage to take action.

Why do victims of non-consensual publications of porn often delay taking action to removed sex videos from the internet?

The answer is interesting. In nearly all cases we have dealt with, the victim of the non-consensual published sex videos did make an initial attempt to have their video removed from the internet. This usually would consist of contacting a website operator with a request to have the videos removed from their website.

Others have also contacted Google, which in many cases had removed some of the search results from the main Google search page. Google,s action, in most cases, had achieved only a limited result. In some cases, Google had refused to de-list the victim's stage name and in others, it did not de-index images and videos who still appear on specific Google searches. In many cases, website operators have been stern with their refusal to remove videos, which in turn, put the victim off keep trying.

The real difficulty, however, for victims of revenge porn, secretly filmed movies and other non-consensual publication of sex videos was the same and embarrassment. Apparently, you don't feel hugely confident when you are in this position. There is often a feeling of fear and shame that is often preventing the victims from pursuing justice. On the other hand, a surprising high number of victims are unaware of their legal rights.

Wrongly, they believe that they had consented to the filming or that whoever published their video is acting lawfully. One thing that this website is aim to achieve is give people knowledge about their legal position and empower them to take action that will dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

What if you don't quite remember what happened?

If you were invited to a party and ended up drinking a lot of alcohol or taking drugs, and the party ended up as you participating in sex orgies or even with just one person that you didn't intend to, you may wake up feeling ashamed and remorseful, or you may not remember that the sex was filmed until you are being blackmailed or harassed. Then, on begging the posters of the sex videos to remove the 'sex filmed without consent' videos, you have been told that you agreed to them at the time. The anguish and violation that you are experiencing if you have found out that those sex acts were filmed and are now being shared across the internet, will be astronomical and you may be despairing, wondering where you stand, as you don't remember a thing about the sex filming and may just want to call us immediately for 'sex filmed without consent', as Cohen Davis can most definitely help you, before reading on: 0800-612-7211.

What if you agreed to be filmed and still want to have the sex video removed from the internet?

Consent is a very tricky topic when it comes to both having sex and having sex videos published. Here is an example: If you had knowingly agreed to be a host in sex party, like that mentioned above, maybe a stag party, without any reference to doing anything other than a little bit of stripping and dancing, in return for a couple of hundred pounds for doing so, and if you had then either been given or taken some drinks or drugs and ended up having sex with people at the party and that was your choice, it is possible to question whether you did consent to your actions and whether you in fact lawfully agreed to the sexual acts. But even if you did, they question of whether you agreed to be filmed, is completely different and more often then not, we are able to prove, on balance of probabilities that you did not. What you didn't agree to was the filming of the sex video. You didn't consent to being secretly filmed and then those sex filmed taken without consent videos being uploaded to the internet. Even if you agreed to that, it is very likely, that you did not agree to the publication being accompanied with use amount of abuse and for the distribution to be so wide. In some cases, all people present at the party wold be unaware if the secret filming and the organiser of the party is likely to be guilty of a lot of legal wrongdoings.

How can we help?

In most case, we are able to track down the perpetrators that installed the spycams or filmed the sex act without consent, or those who uploaded the films. We can then facilitate the removal of the films and obtain other legal remedies, including damages and copyright transfer from the perpetrator. .  with their mobile phones and uploaded the 'sex filmed without consent' videos to the internet, took them to court for breach of privacy and harassment and got compensation for our clients as well as have their legal fees paid. If you do not consent to having sex filmed, you certainly didn't consent to the sharing of your sex video on the internet.

We are an internet firm that deals with dozens of sex filmed without consent cases a week. Call us free now for more information and advice on 0800-612-7211.



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