Remove old sex tapes off the internet

Remove of old sex video from the internet

Remove old sex tapes off the internet

There are many reasons why people want to remove old sex tapes off the internet. Everyone has a past. Yet, your past does not need to dictate your future. Putting your past life behind you could be a major challenge but is not impossible.

Why do people want to remove old sex tapes off the internet?

It's a Groundhog Day feeling when you re-live something over and over. It could be something that you deeply regret doing in a past life; a long time ago; when you felt high or low or just too young and carefree to think about the future.

You may have just been feeling rebellious or happened to be at a party where everyone was having a good time, or you might have been offered to participate in a sex film in exchange for cash. It could be that an old sex film that you never intended to become public, had found its way to the internet, or that you have just gone through a transforming event in your life, such as getting married, having a baby or even becoming more religious. It might just be the case that the things that you felt were ok in the past, you wouldn't necessarily do now under the same or different circumstances. 

When an old sex video becomes a threat to your way of life or to your aspirations

Those recurring Groundhog Day feelings are exacerbated if there is a threat of the past coming back to haunt you. Not just to haunt you but the threat of ruining your reputation and spoil relationships and stunt any career ideas that you may have. Especially if that regretful something that you did years ago was performing in a sex video and that material is spiralling around the internet and gaining speed with sharing and linking.

Unfortunately, sex videos are often used as a threat by either those who knew you in your past life, such as a previous partner or a disgruntled friend, or by people who know you today and have discovered your little secret from the past. The threats to tell your husband of wife, to your employer or colleague or to your child or friends might constantly be in the background influencing your decision to remove old sex tapes off the internet. You may have been alerted to an old video by someone that you know and if that isn't embarassing enough, those moments are played over and over and could be shared and copied, forever more. The threats to your way of life by exposing an old sex film you participated in could cause, even to the stongest of people, a perpetual humilating experience.  

You didn't see this down the line when you think back to when those moments were first played out. You didn't think at the time about anything that would cause concern in the future when you changed career or maybe when you have close friends and family who might just stumble upon those moments when they are online.

What is the impact of old sex tapes on your life?

If this is happening to you and an old sex video is on the internet that you don't want on there, we have no doubt how desperate you are feeling. It can feel exasperating because you want to move on with your life but can't because those sex tape videos are there ever hour in every day and escalating around the internet. 

The impact on the lives of people who have anything about on them on the internet that just seems to be increasing by the day, can be tremendously negative. Being harassed by content on the internet can affect you mentally, physically, socially, financially and even worse. It can be a serious life affecting situation for you and you don't know who to turn to for help, since bringing as little attention to the matter is a foremost thought in your mind. 

Is it possible to create a permanent solution?

It is possible to create a permanent solution to the publication of videos to make sure that even after you remove old sex tapes off the internet, the video or copies of it are effectively blocked from coming back. It is possible to clear your sex videos off the internet, with legally binding documents, which often can offer you a much needed confirmation that there will not be any more videos starring you, appearing on the internet. Legally binding documents could include copyright transfer agreements, legally finding undertakings and various forms of contractual agreements.

How hard is it to remove old sex tapes off the internet?

From the outset, it may feel like it is impossible to remove old sex videos from the internet. If you are in the public eye or the sex video has already become popular and people have downloaded it and are sharing clips via forums or social media, matters could seem difficult to resolve. 

To remove old sex tapes off the internet, you must be creative, resourceful and constantly think in a lateral way. If you created the original video yourself, or if it was created using your camera or mobile telephone you own the copyright to it, so we can assert this right on your behalf and usually remove old sex tapes off the internet very swiftly from nearly all websites, along with links. In some cases, you might need to locate the producer and get them to sign back copyrights of the material, to ensure that it all stops here and gives you peace of mind. If somebody else produced the video, we will normally ask them to allow us to buy the rights or at least some of the rights to the sex videos, enough to enable us to assert intellectual property rights on your behalf and demand a permanent removal from every website in the world. Sex film producers usually fear exposure themselves, so they nearly always comply with our legal requests within hours. 

In other cases, where the producer is from the UK but is no longer in business, it might be possible to acquire copyright to old sex videos they created, from the Crown (yes, directly from the Queen!) who owns intellectual property rights to videos where the production company has gone out of business. It might be possible to trademark you, or your stage name and by doing so stop others from using your name or image. There are also various privacy laws that are very helpful in persuading website operators to delete videos from their websites. If they don’t agree, which is relatively rare, you can approach the search engines under privacy and data protection laws and they are likely to be cooperative.

These are just some of the methods that will help you remove old sex tapes off the internet. Each case is different and so is the methodology and strategy that we will apply.

We have helped many of our clients who have pleaded with the sex video producer to remove the websites and links, only to be ignored. Sex video producers don't ignore us.

How hard is it to take down old sex videos?

In rare cases, where this is necessary you can obtain various blocking injunctions, which means you can have entire websites completely blocked by internet service providers unless they agree to voluntarily remove a sex video from their websites. In our experience, all have complied with this because they are not interested in losing traffic so they will just remove the videos as soon as possible. When we have contacted them, adult website operators will honour a request to remove an intimate image or sex videos, even if you don’t own the copyright to it. In a lot of cases also, we have been able to trademark our client’s stage name and use intellectual property laws to persuade website operators to remove our client's videos from their websites.

What to do next to remove your old sex tapes off the internet?

If you find yourself in this situation and want a complete removal of sex videos from the internet, try any of the above-mentioned strategies or call us for more advice.

We are experienced with the removal of old (and new) sex tapes, sex videos and sexy images and we move quickly because it is what you need: lawyers that understand the remedies from a legal and emotional side. It can feel like an incredibly fragile time for you but Cohen Davis are here to support you and time is of the essence to remove your old sex tapes off the internet. Call us today: 0800 612 7211.

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