Adult video performer lawyer

Adult video performer lawyer

What to do if you regret performing in sex videos that are published online

If you performed in a sex video, whether by choice or whether you were tricked or coerced or even secretly filmed, you may have regretted the experience. Even more so, if you now have to deal with it being online.

Sex video regret legal advice

Harassment and sex video regret

Removing sex videos from the internet follwoing regret

Sex video regret legal advice

We represent people from all walks of life. If you need legal assistance for a sex video removal online that you may or may not have consented to but dearly regret, then we can provide that. We can ensure that your sex video, regardless of how and when it was made, including links and clips, are removed.

Many clients have dismissed seeking legal help with sex video removal for a long time, if they feel that they have consented to the film or they were told that they consented to it. Many clients have asked the sex film producer to delete it and they are often ignored or told that they do not stand a chance, since they signed a consent form. Many sex film actors are coerced into the film and not only regret it but were forced into it and are afraid of the consequences of seeking help. 

Many sex video actors performed long before the internet and of course, did not see any harm in the long run and didn't predict that they would have a different life, regrets or any worries about anyone having easy access to these sex films and reputation issues. Often, in the heat of the moment, it is difficult to think about the future consequences when it is the moment and a different time of your life and situation what you are dealing with.

Many sex film actors feel ashamed because they may have performed for money, promises of modelling careers, sextortion reasons, by coercive partners and when they were feeling extremely vulnerable.

Whether you performed in a sex video willingly or not, you have sex video regret, you want them removed online, you feel harassed and you don't know where to turn.

Harassment and sex video regret

Harassment often goes hand in hand with the filming of sex videos, during and afterwards. One of the most common ways sex film actors feel harassed is by the publishing of the sex film online. What happens on the internet, even with one film, is so far reaching and wide. One film can be linked and clipped thousands of times and posted on and shared. The knowledge of this makes sex film actors feel even more harassed.

When a sex film actor agrees or not, to appearing in a sex film, they often do not know how it is going to be distributed. Or, it was so long ago before the internet that they often regret what they did in their younger years for a video tape production and keep putting it to the back of their mind. That is so difficult to do when it finds its way onto the internet.

Many sex video actors can be incoherent to really know what will happen to the sex video or led to believe that it is for a niche audience overseas and not for wide publication online. Some sex video actors were targeted and may have been desperate, tricked into or secretly filmed performing sex.

Harassment is never ending if you have appeared in a sex film and it is online. The nature of the internet aids the harassment. The harassment escalates, in terms of derogatory comments that get attached, new titles added and shared, the thought that the sex film will be forever on the internet, fear of people you know finding them and the list goes on. A one time sex film performance could cause sex video regret but when it appears on the internet, it can be soul destroying. Not knowing where to turn deepens the stress.

Removing sex videos from the internet following regret

There are very few lawyers that will take on harassment cases for sex film actors. There are very few lawyers who know how the internet works and how to remove sex films for the long term. We are here to offer full legal support to anyone that has sex video regret. 

There are different reasons why we are asked to provide legal help with videos. Often it is to help remove sex videos from the internet but in many other cases to assist sex workers in handling difficult legal situation that might or might not be directly related to sex videos.