Every day, tens of thousands of secretly filmed and hidden spy cam movies find their way to porn websites without the knowledge and consent of those featured in the movies.

What if you find secretly filmed movies featuring yourself online

Where hidden spycams could be

What to do if you discover a hidden spycam

What criminal offence is secret filming

What is live-stream secret filming

How to remove hidden spycam videos online

How to spot a hidden spycam

What to do immediately if you detect a hidden camera

What if you find secretly filmed movies featuring yourself online

If you have found a hidden spycam film of yours on the internet, where you had been filmed without your knowledge and consent, you will want to take a number of steps to remove the secretly filmed video from the internet and to secure your position for the future.

Where hidden spycams could be

Hidden spycams could be anywhere, unfortunately and in recent years, the purchase of spycams have increased. 

With the use of spycams being more prevalent, users of services such as Airbnb have become extremely vulnerable.

There are more and more reported cases of Airbnb guests finding themselves being featured on porn websites or in porn video libraries. Other incidents of voyeurism include the use of hidden spy cameras by people you trust when staying at their homes, or when you use a public changing area and upskirting, which is the action of placing equipment such as a camera or mobile phone beneath a person’s clothing to take a voyeuristic photographs and videos without their permission.

What to do if you discover a hidden spycam 

If you discover a hidden spycam when staying in a hotel, it can be shocking. It could be at a guest room, an Airbnb, a friend's house, or using a bathroom and changing room,  where when you lock the door behind you, you expect a little privacy. We typically do not expect anyone to be watching us.

So, what happens when, if staying away from home in a room, whether it is a hotel, guest house or even someone that you know and you wake up in the night to get water and as you wake, there is an odd light coming from the digital clock. Not only are you wondering who has a plug in digital clock anymore, but what is that strange light coming from it because it needs dimming down. Upon investigation, the strange light has nothing to do with what it is attached to and the front of the clock slides off and there you can see a tiny camera with the light attached.

You have that sinking feeling as you realise that it is a webcam; a hidden spycam, placed especially to watch and film you naked or doing something intimate.

Whether it is linked to a live voyeuristic website or whether it is being downloaded for future online publishing, it makes no difference at this moment because this criminal act of voyeurism is undoubtedly making you feel sick and violated.

A hidden spycam can be installed secretly everywhere: smoke detectors, clocks, lamps, air vents, baby monitors, laptops, mobile phones; wherever any perpetrator of voyeurism can feel like they can hide one.

Sometimes, the hidden spycam can be stream recording any activity or non-activity live to the internet. If you discover a hidden spy cam in a place where you expect to be private, you should report the event to the police (and insist that it is a crime that needs to be investigated - you should not be fobbed off) and speak to a lawyer who specialises in privacy rights.

The lawyer will make sure that the police treats the matter with seriousness and that you are compensated for the breach of your privacy, regardless of whether videos of yours have been published and remove the secretly filmed video from the internet but do it right and in a considered way. We explain later on in this page why.

What criminal offence is secret filming

The criminal offence of secret filming goes under: The Voyeurism (Offences) Act 2019 imposes a maximum prison sentence of 2 years in prison for anyone operating equipment (irrespective of whether an image is recorded) without the victim's consent. What matters is the intention of viewing, or enabling another person to view the victim's genitals, with or without underwear, where the purpose to obtain sexual gratification or to cause humiliation, distress or alarm.

This law specifically prohibits so called upskirting. Section 63 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 also carries a maximum prison sentence of 2 years and it prohibits voyeurism and the offence is committed if a person operates equipment with the intention of enabling another person to observe, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, the victim doing a private act, and when the victim had now given their consent to the filming.

What is live-stream secret filming

Live streaming happens when the hidden spycam is being broadcast live on the internet. There are internet groups, whose details can often be found on the dark web who attract audiences to watch livestream videos of unsuspecting individuals who are being secretly filmed in bed on a hidden spycam.

How to remove hidden spycam videos online

You can have hidden spycam videos removed online, so rest assured. 

Victims of webcam hacks have seen videos and images of themselves in a state of undress permanently uploaded to webcam sites. Some clients have found a sex video on a pornhub online of themselves that had been posted from the Airbnb where they stayed.

First thing to do is get the hidden spycam online video removed as soon as possible. You can try to contact the porn website but this could prove a lengthy and fruitless exercise. So, we advise you to ask specialist lawyers that deal with hidden spy cam videos that are uploaded to the internet, to do this for you.

The reason being that in such circumstances, it is important that you obtain as much information as possible about who uploaded your hidden spycam video from the porn website operator.

You would also want the operator to preserve evidence, until it is all supplied to you, to assist the police and in case you decided to bring a civil claim against the person who violated your privacy.

A good internet lawyer can help you remove hidden spycam videos online comprehensively.

Often, we are able to track down the perpetrator and obtain legal guarantees from them to remove all secretly filmed hidden spycam videos from the internet and that they hand over to you every bit of recorded material they have.

We can also force them to tell us who they send the secretly filmed videos to, which help us remove all traces of the hidden spy cam videos. We will of course also obtain an injunction and a fair amount of compensation for you, which might go a little way to compensate you for the trauma and the loss of trust that you are likely to experience.

How to spot a hidden spycam

We can offer the following advice on how to spot a hidden spycam for when staying in an Airbnb or when you use a changing room or anywhere that you might be undressing and this includes the sitting room near the sofa or an Airbnb: Look for objects that are outdated or out of place in a room.

  • Have a good walk around and look at all angles of the room for any objects that could be sat alongside the lamp, plants, digital TV box, wall sockets, wastepaper bin, door hooks, pictures on the wall, cushions, pens, tissue boxes, air filters, ceiling lights or smoke detectors.
  • Suspicious wires, lenses or lights are hallmarks of hidden cameras. Unplug anything that you don't need. If anything looks suspicious, drape a piece of clothing or tape over it to block any hidden spy cam filming.
  • Turn off the lights and shine the light from your mobile phone to slowly scan every area of the room to pick up on any tiny reflecting areas. (Don't forget to scan the mirror, too. When the lights are off, you can see that it isn't a one-way mirror).
  • Make a phone call to your friends and walk around the room talking to detect any area in the room that disturbs your conversation.
  • A hidden spy cam will give off a radio frequency that will interfere with your phonecall, so listen for noise during the call or note intermittent breaks in the conversation.
  • Walk around and listen out for any tiny buzzing sounds. Some of the hidden webcams give off a very low buzzing transmitting sound.
  • Scan the Wi-Fi networks on your phone. There are network scanning apps that scan networks with the IP address attached. Look for anything unusual. The names could give you a clue because the hidden webcam could have a name like 'Hiddenwebcam or Internetcam' and this will be shown on the Wi-Fi scan.

What to do immediately if you detect a hidden camera 

If you immediately detect a hidden camera, don't move anything. It is all evidence. Take pictures of the hidden spycam. Call the police as soon as possible, to investigate. Call to speak with one of our specialist internet lawyers immediately on 0800-612-7211.