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Sex worker lawyer

Sex worker lawyer

We represent UK sex workers

Cohen Davis represent sex workers, escorts, porn actors, strippers, sex phone operators and anybody that needs legal help relating to sex and/on the internet.

We represent anyone that needs help with internet related harassment and porn issues that may involve:

  • Intimate images and videos online that need to be removed - this involves (but are not limited to) leaked sex tapes, hidden camera films, non-consensual and consensual videos and cybersex webcam recordings, however long ago
  • Sextortion
  • Revenge porn
  • Coercion
  • Harassment online for anyone that works in the adult sex industry

We do not judge and we believe that nobody should make judgements on why people do what they do or have to do what they do. Whether it is choice, circumstance or coercion, we want sex workers to know that if they need an internet lawyer, we are here. 

We are of course discreet, we don't judge and we only print stories that our clients have consented to, with the premise of helping others, so that people know that they can seek help from us for such serious matters too, since there isn't a law firm like us. We are the only law firm that specialises in pornography on the internet. 


You should contact a specialist sex worker solicitor if your matter is concerning pornography or escort work in the UK.
  • Cam girl harassment legal advice

    Camming harassment

    Cam girl harassment and Internet Blackmail are very common

    If you advertise a sexual service online, it doesn't mean that you should accept any type of harassment and cam girl harassment is prevalent since the increase in the popularity of web cam modelling and cam watching.

  • Coercive and controlling behaviour and sex work

    Coercive and controlling behaviour and sex work

    Creating sex videos whilst trapped in coercive and controlling relationship

    The criminal offence of Coercive and Controlling behaviour is rife in the adult video / sex worker industry and many sex film producers are guilty of it.

  • How to handle controlling sex film producers

    Controlling and Coercive Behaviour

    Producers of sex films who manipulate and control actors, could be committing a criminal offence

    The criminal offence of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour is rampant in the adult video / sex worker industry and many controlling sex film producers are guilty of it.

  • Protecting sex worker identity is what you can rely on

    Protecting sex worker identity

    Protecting sex worker identity is what we do

    If you have found yourself in the middle of a pornographic related internet harassment campaign, fear of the exposure of any embarrassing, intimate impropriety in court and/or media attention, should it get that far, could impede your decision to seek help but your upmost concern becomes ours and protecting sex worker identity is a promise.

  • Sex film contracts and the law

    Are sex film contracts legally binding

    The legal position of sex video agreements

  • Sex filmed without consent' video removal

    Non consensual sex videos

    Non-consensual sex videos and sex filmed posted without consent.

    So if you had videos posted on the internet, which had been filmed or published online without your valid consent, you would no doubt feel extremely invaded. that said, sometimes could take years before victims of no-consensual publication gather the courage to take action.

  • Sex session blackmail recordings

    Sex session blackmail recordings

    Chronology of a real sex session blackmail recordings

    After one of our client's car broke down, she couldn't afford to buy another to get to work. Never before did it occur to her to become a sex worker.

  • Sex worker harassment

    Sex worker harassment

    Sex workers are one of the most harassed group of people in the country

    In the UK, thousands of sex workers are being harassed each day offline and tens of thousands of them are suffering sex worker harassment on the internet.

  • Sex worker online harassment

    Sex worker online harassment

    Sex worker online harassment from sex video viewers 

    When you have performed in a sex video, where do you go when you go to the police with information about a viewer that is harassing you and the police tell you that it isn't their job to help someone that has chosen to work in the sex industry? 

  • Should I report internet harassment to the police?

    Report internet harassment legal help

    Many sex workers don’t seek legal help or report internet harassment to the police

    Sex workers should feel no different when seeking support, than anyone else that is suffering harassment on the street or online, and we hope that this article helps you seek that much needed help for this very serious matter, whether you need our assistance to help you report internet harassment or take it further.

  • Stripper harassment legal advice

    non-consensual upload of my stripper acts

    Unfortunately, stripper harassment is prevalent but legal help is available

    Strip clubs are not always run by wholesome people and you can't really choose your customers, so there is always the possibility of stripper harassment and violence being inflicted on sex club workers.

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