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Pornography legal help

Pornography legal help

We specialise in pornography legal help

Cohen Davis is a dedicated law firm that provides a full service to clients from all over the world with the focus entirely on internet law and cleaning up online pornography.

Many of our clients want sex videos and pornographic images removed off the internet, as a foremost. Whether they have chosen to do the sex videos, were blackmailed by online scams, coerced into performing, victims of revenge porn and spycams, one of the first things that we do is work on getting them off the internet, comprehensively and with copyright buybacks.

Some are seeking long-term legally binding help and retribution from the perpetrators, since they have suffered so much abuse if they were coerced into performing in sex videos or are sex workers and are being harassed online from clients or have had their personal details with false information about them posted and want to take it to court, for instance. Most of our clients remain anonymous in court and we protect them as much as possible. 

However online pornography films of you ended up on the internet, there is nothing to be ashamed of but there is every reason why you may be feeling isolated and not knowing which way to turn, due to the stigma attached to sex work and you are wanting to protect yourself and your family and friends and hope that nobody sees the sex videos just in case you are judged for them.

You may be feeling withdrawn and depressed, not wanting to address it but knowing that nothing is being done if you don't but who can help you with this, legally, discreetly and quickly?

We want to help you, so that you can pick up and get on with the rest of your life and not have the sex films or images haunting you on the internet.

We know that you may not want to talk about it, let alone seek help but we are not the type of lawyers that many lawyers are perceived to be. We are here for our client's best interests, most definitely and we will listen and we don't judge. When you pick up the phone, you will understand why. 

We do what is necessary to assist our clients and we are undeterred by any large and complex cases, where volumes of evidence need to be sought and we know just what to do to remove unbreakable chains between the harassing webpages and the perpetrators.

We can track online offenders, sex film producers and we can remove websites, videos and any incriminating material online instantly. We have served injunctions on anonymous users on social media. We are undeterred by any online harassment case and we will do what needs to be done, as we feel passionately about helping people that have become victims of online harassment with online pornography.

We have years of experience in internet law and understanding the intricacies of the internet from a technical point of view. We have the extraordinary combination of legal expertise, experience and success, alongside really caring about our clients and getting the absolute best outcome for them. We feel passionate about helping you at this extremely vulnerable time. 

What you are going through isn't just a legal matter. It is a matter that can save your life. A successful outcome of your case is important to us. We may be able to work on a no win no fee situation for you, too. 

Call our friendly team of internet law experts today. We are waiting to support you: 0800 612 7211.

Pornography law in the UK is an area of law which the majority of solicitors shy away from. If you are looking for a discrete and trusted solicitor, you have come to the right place.
  • Arrested for internet sex offences?

    Arrest for internet sex offences

    The initial interview by the police is the most crucial point in any criminal investigation.

    If you have been arrested for internet sex offences, you need police station representation from a lawyer specialising in internet law.

  • Delete porn videos support

    Removal of sex videos online

    How a flattering message on social media led to participation in a pornographic film

    Many of our clients tell us a similar story, of how they were lured, or tricked into creating sex videos on a photoshoot, which is why they now want to delete porn videos from the internet.

  • Online impersonator offers sexual services

    Someone is impersonating me and offering sexual services

    When an online impersonator offers sexual services - Impersonation and sexually related civil and criminal offences 

    Imagine if someone approached you whilst you were mowing the front lawn, said your name as though they knew you well and moved forward to embrace you and you had never seen them before in your life?

  • Porn lawyer legal advice

    Obtaining legal advice from a specialist lawyer about online pornography

    It is difficult to find someone you can trust and feel comfortable to speak to freely about an image or sex video that are featuring you.

  • Remove old sex tapes off the internet

    Remove of old sex video from the internet

    Remove old sex tapes off the internet

    There are many reasons why people want to remove old sex tapes off the internet. Everyone has a past. Yet, your past does not need to dictate your future. Putting your past life behind you could be a major challenge but is not impossible.

  • Remove sexy images legal advice

    Remove sexy images legal advice

    Our 'Remove sexy images legal advice' may save a lot of time and added heartache

    Discovering sexy images (or videos) online that originated from an intimate moment between you and one other, can feel like a seriously life-affecting issue for you. It is imperative that you receive 'Remove sexy images legal advice'.

  • Revenge porn

    Revenge porn

    What to do if you find you are a victim of revenge porn

    Revenge porn has a horrendous impact on its victim, particularly if the intimate images and videos are posted in the USA. Victims often feel vulnerable.

  • Sex worker harassment

    Sex worker harassment

    Sex workers are one of the most harassed group of people in the country

    In the UK, thousands of sex workers are being harassed each day offline and tens of thousands of them are suffering sex worker harassment on the internet.

  • Sex worker online harassment

    Sex worker online harassment

    Sex worker online harassment from sex video viewers 

    When you have performed in a sex video, where do you go when you go to the police with information about a viewer that is harassing you and the police tell you that it isn't their job to help someone that has chosen to work in the sex industry? 

  • Sexting legal advice

    Sexting legal advice

    Sexting is often a criminal offence regardless of consent

    People who send explicit images and videos over SMS need to be aware of the legal risks that are attached to such sexting. Here we offer sexting legal advice.

  • Sextortion legal help

    Sextortion legal help

    Sextortion is a form of blackmail often connected with pornography

    Sextortion is a term used to describe extortion or blackmail that involves threats of publication of private information of intimate nature on the internet. It could be images or pornographic videos of the most embarrassing nature. 

  • Should I report internet harassment to the police?

    Report internet harassment legal help

    Many sex workers don’t seek legal help or report internet harassment to the police

    Sex workers should feel no different when seeking support, than anyone else that is suffering harassment on the street or online, and we hope that this article helps you seek that much needed help for this very serious matter, whether you need our assistance to help you report internet harassment or take it further.

  • Taking part in sex videos when vulnerable

    Internet pornography removal

    Homeless, vulnerable and desperate

    There are so many homeless people who are taken advantage of by producers of sex videos. A client of this firm that required internet pornography removal, including hundreds of links and clips removal and copyright buybacks, was forced to perform in a violent sex video.

  • Tricked into porn video

    Porn content removal help

    Often the decision to participate in a porn video is regrettable 

    Your agreement to act in porn videos might have been a hard enough decision as it was, so appearing in a fetish, kinky and/or violent video by coercion and bullying might have you feeling so incredibly low, depressed or even suicidal. Do not despair because we can provide porn content removal legal help.

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