Cam girl harassment legal advice

Camming harassment

Cam girl harassment and Internet Blackmail are very common

If you advertise a sexual service online, it doesn't mean that you should accept any type of harassment and cam girl harassment is prevalent since the increase in the popularity of web cam modelling and cam watching.

Cam girls might be losing their privacy but not their right to privacy

Camming is a huge part of the sex industry and it is where clients can pay to watch a livestream sex performance or have personal video chats with the cam performer. Cam girl harassment is therefore becoming one of the largest issues for many workers.

Cam girls work across a great number of platforms, having huge social media presence; some with millions of followers and many say that cam worker harassment is the price they pay for being online but everyone, no matter their line of work, has a right to privacy.

Despite this, privacy is always going to be a concern, despite many cam workers using a fake persona, stage name and even wearing masks, during performances because a major cam worker concern is that cam workers have to give their real name and proof of identity in order to register on camsites, which means that cam girl harassment is prevalent, both offline and online, as well as blackmail because of exposure and lack of privacy.

Who wants to become a cam girl?

There are an increasing amount of women (and men) who may have children or other life obligations and have no option to find a means whilst at home, to make money and so become cam workers. A lot of sex workers have chosen this as a safer option than having physical sex with strangers and cam girl harassment has become accepted as part of the job and also, without support, since there is the general thought that doing sex work equals no representation from the police or a lawyer (This isn't true. Cohen Davis represent anyone that works in pornography online and we will work with the police on your behalf also. We have a lot of experience in cam worker harassment).

Cam girl harassment

An example of cam girl harassment is where our client who took very few clothes off during her personal video chats. Her clients could see her (but she couldn't see them) but she felt very safe using a site that allowed her to configure chat privacy settings so that she felt in control, until one of her clients came up to her in the street and told her how much she meant to him. He started to bombard her online and she asked him to stop and he wouldn't, getting more obsessive about his feelings for her. She didn't feel threatened initially, but it was just continuous and caused her anxiety. Knowing that he was living close by had a huge effect on her mental health and she became agoraphobic. Fortunately on hearing from us, after we located him, the harassment stopped. It is important to note that harassment isn't just threats and dreadful posts and a constant barrage of abuse, it just has to be something that occurs more than once, is unwanted and is making you feel alarmed.

Cam girl harassment is a form of blackmail

Interacting with strangers online is a huge part of a cam performer's job, so they are vulnerable to the privacy issues that arise as well as being exposed to online abusers that post hate speech or use graphic language. Many of our clients have learnt to block or ignore online trolls but it's not so easy to ignore the abuse online when they turn into threats and blackmail.

If you are a cam worker, ensuring that you are not being filmed could deem to be difficult but there is a growing amount of cam girl harassment cases where clients have been blackmailed with videos that have been taken of them without their permission, whilst performing. Not just blackmailing using recorded images and cam worker videos but the redistribution to pornography sites, without the cam workers knowledge and certainly not her consent.

Accepting the publishing of your cam video as a consequence of your cam work and praying that nobody that you know will notice may be issues that you are dealing with right now but the bills need to be paid and that is more important, but just because you advertise a sexual service on the internet, it does not mean that you are not entitled to privacy and certainly does not mean that you should accept harassment and blackmail as part of the circumstance.

The problem is often the loss of control over your image

Even if one video is hard to find in the endless stream of online porn films now, the thought of you not having autonomy over your cam work, can make you feel incredibly low and if not now, then at a later date. Many old videos can pop up as fresh ones later on, because as webpages are constantly updating, then the links and posts and the escalation of one single video can appear thousands of times, depending on the sharing and copying and linking. Do not despair at that thought because that is where our internet law firm can help you. We can remove old cam videos and all links to pornographic sites and other web pages.

The secret cam girls

We do regular internet monitoring for cam worker videos, so that cam workers can carry on with their work and have autonomy over what gets seen on the internet about them and thus giving them control. We deal with all the cam girl harassment legal aspects, if that is required also.

There are possibilities, if you are a secret cam worker, that your secret won't always stay that way but there are ways to protect your privacy further and Cohen Davis offer this advice, based on past clients' harassment and blackmail cases:

  • Read through the contract on the webcam site that you are registering to and ensure that they cannot use your image for advertising purposes and pop up 'singles in your area' banners and that they do not disclose your private information
  • Use a stage name
  • Don't use a real photograph in your profile
  • Do not disclose your location
  • Do not reveal any identifying information
  • Turn off location services
  • Make sure your webcam does not have a GPS installed and if so, turn it off
  • Don't include your real email address 
  • If you are asked to mail out anything, use a post office in a different county

Supporting cam girls across the country with legal advice

Call Internet Lawyers Cohen Davis with any cam girl harassment or other internet related criminal offence or civil wrongdoing against you and we will advise you of the legal merit of taking it further, as well as removing images and sex videos. Just because you are in cam work, it doesn't mean that harassment is a consequence that you have to put up with. Our internet law firm supports everyone with any type of harassment involving pornography: 0800-612-7211.


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