Sex session blackmail recordings

Sex session blackmail recordings

Chronology of a real sex session blackmail recordings

After one of our client's car broke down, she couldn't afford to buy another to get to work. Never before did it occur to her to become a sex worker.

Why did Suzy become a telephone sex worker

Public transport didn't exist in the rural area where she lived so Suzy had to quit her job. Never before did it occur to her to become a sex worker. She visited a friend in London a few days later where she came across an advert to become a 'sex phone operator'. The only outlay would be a £50 phone rental line every month, which was a lot cheaper than buying a new car.

All she had to do was call the number, audition for the part, get some training on how to keep someone on the line for at least 20 minutes and a verbal contract was made with the recruiter. The whole thing was recorded, he told her, so that there wouldn't be any discrepancies. He took her legal name, her address and bank account number, in which she was to be paid.

She had the freedom of working from home and she just had to keep the phone line plugged in for as little or as much as she wanted, and she chose to leave it on since it wasn't very lucrative, since calls were only coming in every couple of hours or so. She was enjoying her new found freedom and had told family and friends that she was now a phone counsellor listening to people's problems (which some days wasn't far from the truth) but disguising her voice started to become a strain, so she resorted to using her regular voice. After all, nobody could see who was providing the sex service and she was happy about that.

Nearly all sex workers have a boss

Other than her employer checking in with her to encourage longer sex sessions on the phone and offer monetary prizes if she could hit the 60 minute engagement time more often, she had a stress free job.

Until one day, when her employer called, wanting phone sex with her and told her that it would be a free call that she wouldn't get paid for and it was all part of the training. She went along with it but after 30 minutes, she told him that she didn't think she needed any more training and he became very angry and told her to keep going. Suzy refused.

The Sex session blackmail recordings

What happened then, was that he told her that he had recorded the whole phone sex session and was going to put it on YouTube if she didn't provide this as a regular daily service to him for no money. He also said he would upload the initial recording of her agreeing to the terms of providing a sex service along with her legal name and address. Not only that but he had found her on social media and he knew who to send the sex session blackmail recordings to in order to shame her, if she didn't comply.

Of course, Suzy was at her wit's end, fearing her family and friends finding out that she was a sex phone operator. Hearing the sex session blackmail recordings, her parents who were very religious, would be mortified and humiliated. She couldn't bear the thought of anyone hearing the sex sessions, whether they were real or not, let alone her parents. Not disregarding also, the fact that she was brought up to believe that providing sex services, even when you were in control, was a shameful thing to do.

She spent hours fretting about the sex session blackmail recordings and knowing that she may have to comply with the blackmailer, since he had the audio files, he was in control but he would always have that hanging over her and controlling her. He could upload those sex files at anytime. She couldn't go to the police because she had heard about the stigma attached to workers who provided sexual services and in any case, it would feel like she was exposing herself.

Blackmail makes you feel trapped, but there is always a way out

Suzy felt trapped, anguished, oppressed and sick as she let his daily calls dominate her life and she started to lose weight because she couldn't eat, she didn't want to leave the house at all and she couldn't sleep. She felt completely controlled by this person and she didn't even know what he looked like or knew his name. The payments came in from a reference that made no sense when she looked them up, and she feared that if she asked her bank to trace the account, the perpetrator would get angry and upload the sex session blackmail recordings online. It had become a daily fear.

Our dear Suzy was so traumatised when she called us because what she had feared the most, which kept her captive to the sex session blackmailer, happened anyway, for reasons only he knows. One evening, she got a call from her parents, then her friends and so on. The nightmare began. That is where we stepped in.

No blackmailer of a sex worker should feel safe

We cleared the sex session blackmail recordings as soon as she called us. We also tracked the blackmailer down, since we traced the transactions which led us to him, who subsequently was doing it to all of his sex workers. If he had told his employees about recording the interview and the sex session and they had agreed in those audio files, it would still not have protected him from sharing them to any third party.

So, he didn't contest the blackmail, breach of privacy and harassment claims against him. Compensation was paid, legal expenses, all audio recordings returned and legally binding documents were put in place, to ensure no future uploads of sex session blackmail recordings were going to happen. We were also able to sue the perpetrator of the sex session blackmail recordings for breach of privacy because of the personal information he posted online about our client.

Sex session blackmail recordings can be tracked and deleted

In most instances, anyone that posts anything that has your voice or image or video recordings can be tracked down and made to be accountable but foremost and importantly, when you are in this situation, you want them down immediately. We are lawyers for sex workers and porn actors and whilst we work on the legal long-term binding documents and other particulars, we will remove pornographic content from the internet. Should it go to court, we will always apply for you to be anonymised and we only talk about cases where our clients have instructed us to, in order to help others.

Call us as immediately if a sex session blackmail recordings situation or anything similar is happening to you. We can support you overcome the difficulties with any sex session blackmail recordings and make the exploiters accountable. 0800-612-7211.


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