Sex video removal guide

Sex video removals guide

Sex video removal from the internet could be a challenge

We know how distressing and painful it must feel, if you have discovered that there are your own personal sex videos on the internet.  Below is a quick sex video removals guide to help with basic removal tips. 

Reporting the publication of sex videos to the police

If this is a case of Revenge Porn, consider reporting it to the police. If you have any suspects in mind, give this information to the police too, even if you are unsure. It may be a result of sexting or having performed in a consensual sex video with an ex partner or you have just been made aware of a secretly filmed sex video. It could even be a manipulated sex video that includes your image on someone else's body. You may be being blackmailed with these sex videos online and if so, please read our sextortion legal advice article. There are many scenarios of the revenge porn crime that bring our clients to us for sex video removals advice. Consider that when you report sex videos on the internet to the police, there is a good chance that if the matter is investigated, the perpetrator might have an opportunity to delete and destroy important evidence. In any event, even if this is not a revenge porn case, it is worth reading our article about reporting harassment on the internet to the police. 

Gathering evidence

It is imperative, with all internet related legal issues, that you gather and preserve evidence as soon as possible. With sex video removals, it isn't any different. If you know (or are not sure about who posted the videos), it would be better to obtain strong evidence as soon as possible, for the purpose of balance of probabilities (the court must be satisfied that on the evidence, the occurrence of an event was more likely than not) for deciding the outcome of civil disputes. 

It can take the police a very long time to obtain information from website operators outside of the UK, since it is a complicated, lengthy and international process which involves Interpol (an organisation that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control), in order to obtain disclosures. In many cases, the police that are dealing with Revenge Porn and sex video removals from the internet, are not familiar with the entire process and they do not have alternative methods that could result in information getting to them more quickly. 

So, try and obtain as much information from the website operators, as you can. Some website operators are in the US and the rest are worldwide. 

Obtain disclosure from the website operator

In the UK, we can obtain third party disclosure orders from the court. They are usually granted. If the website operator is located in the USA, often they will be covered by the court order to release information. In other cases, you will need to use US court for the disclosure. Make sure you seek legal advice from an internet lawyer in the UK first. 

Usually we can obtain the following information from the website operator:

  • Who the person was that posted the sex videos
  • Their IP address
  • Country of origin
  • Whether it was posted via VPN or other software hiding programme?
  • Whether it was posted via a mobile phone? Make, model, operator?

It is possible to obtain a huge amount of information from doing this exercise but we advise that you act quickly as part of the sex video removals advice and in doing so, the advantage being that throughout the process of obtaining information, there is very little likelihood of the evidence being destroyed. 

Do not be put off by wondering how revenge porn offenders will react

There is a possibility that the website operators will alert the user about giving out information about them and that you are seeking the sex video removals and how the revenge porn offender reacts is down to their own backstory, characteristics and psychological makeup but ultimately, the website operators will eventually give you the information in a set period of time. 

Once you have the revenge porn offender's information, it would be more beneficial to go to the police with the evidence and they can then arrest the perpetrator, saving time in the long run. Doing your own homework with sex video removals will save months of the agony of waiting for the police to come up with the results. 

Another way is to write to the website operators and request sex video removals. Some will cooperate and proceed in sex video removals immediately and others won't, under the Freedom of Speech Rights policy that they may operate from. In the event of this happening, where the pornographic websites will not remove anything, we can make an application in the UK to try and force them to remove the sex videos under the UK Privacy Laws, which is slightly more complicated. 

Application to Google for sex video removals

In the meantime, we advise that you make an application to Google to remove all the websites that you can list that contain your sex videos and/or carry your name. The problem here is that if you make a request to remove anything from Google, often (but not always), Google will only delist in the UK (and Europe) and not necessarily anywhere else. This means that if a user in the UK and all over Europe can access an international version of, for instance, depending on the browser they are using, they will still find the sex videos. 

Be advised that when making a request for sex video removals to Google, request that Google delists the videos from its entire network. It is extremely important to tell Google to delist from all of it's network and not just Europe. Now, Google will employ a specialist to handle this request and depending on how many videos there are, it could take several months to locate them. You may be up for a long process convincing Google to make sure that your sex video removals request includes the delisting from their entire network and not just European networks, so be prepared. 

Trademark your name

Of course, the ideal situation is that the sex videos are removed entirely from the internet but if it fails, if you have a unique name, we would advise you to Trademark your name and then use Intellectual property and Trademark laws to give weight to your case. Having a trademark name will ensure a very quick process of your worldwide sex video removals request, since a Trademark is much easier to have Google pay attention and remove your name and sexy videos across its entire network. Trademarks are easier to convince website operators, wherever they are located, in the sex video removals from their sites. 

Obtain a blocking injunction

In very extreme cases, where there isn't success, or complete success, it is possible to threaten website operators that we will apply in the UK for a court order called a blocking injunction. These blocking injunctions is a method to force all internet providers to block a particular website. Blocking injunctions require UK Internet Service Providers (five serve most of the market), to block their users from accessing certain sites in this country. 

Our internet lawyers can advise you on all areas of internet law and any case involving pornography and sex video removals on the internet. We are the only law firm in the UK that specialises in pornography and we will do whatever we can to support you with this very stressful, serious matter. The sharing of intimate videos and images online can have a serious affect on your mental health and we advise you to see support as soon as possible, if it is happening to you. Always seek advice for removing private information off the internet and our internet lawyers will advise you on any issue that is internet related. 

Contact our porn lawyers discreetly via our contact form or call: 0800-612-7211.



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