Sex worker online harassment

Sex worker online harassment

Sex worker online harassment from sex video viewers 

When you have performed in a sex video, where do you go when you go to the police with information about a viewer that is harassing you and the police tell you that it isn't their job to help someone that has chosen to work in the sex industry? 

The police's job is not to prevent crime or to stop people being horrible; it is their job to help people that have had a crime committed against them; to convict; catch people doing crime and yet, it is no wonder that sex workers are vulnerable to harassment online and other internet criminal offences, when the police that are meant to protect everyone are telling people that they won't help them because they are working in a certain industry. 

A sex film performer, after appearing in a fantasy kink film, got lots of harassing and worrying comments that were associated with the part that she was playing in the sex film. She was bombarded with abuse and threats and started fearing for her life when one poster was saying that they knew where she lived. It left her feeling that she wanted to call the police but knowing that the police wouldn't help, she was subjected to having to deal with the escalating harassment on her own. Until she found our internet law firm, of course.

Now, the police are still turning people away with online harassment issues and saying that it isn't in their jurisdiction, which leaves many people fearing for their safety and certainly affects their mental health. If it is happening to you in your jurisdiction, then it is up to your most local police to deal with harassment issues. The laws surrounding sex work and societal stigmatisms are not helping you right now but our team of internet lawyers at Cohen Davis want to help you.

Online harassment is just the same as offline harassment but there is the added scare that you do not know who is harassing you always and you do not know whether anyone that is sending you threats will carry out what they say they will do. The bombarding of abuse never goes away if it is on the internet and it can have serious consequences on the physical and mental health of anyone that is a target of harassment. 

With our sex worker client, we wanted to support her in every way that we could and we found that there was more that we could do because she then subsequently told us that she was in fact coerced into performing in the sex film for very little money and it wasn't what she had agreed to do. She didn't know her rights about consent and releases and after coming to us with an initial online harassment from viewers case, it turned out that we could help her with other areas that were connected to the filming of the sex film video and the controlling producer who had exploited her, who we traced and like many sex film producers that we have found, he admitted everything and paid out damages quickly because he was a family man and didn't want exposure. 

We can support you and advise on practical steps and what legal options are available to you, in all areas that are internet law related and that involve sex videos or any adult pornography online harassment issues. You shouldn't suffer alone. Sex workers need a good internet lawyer by their side. 

Everybody that is being harassed deserves legal help and support, regardless what they do for a living. We pursue damages and legal expenses and compensation for your suffering. 0800-612-7211.



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