Taking part in sex videos when most vulnerable

Internet pornography removal

Homeless, vulnerable and desperate

There are so many homeless people who are taken advantage of by producers of sex videos. A client of this firm that required internet pornography removal, including hundreds of links and clips removal and copyright buybacks, was forced to perform in a violent sex video.

At an extremely low ebb

Our dear client was afraid to approach anyone for help to get porn off the internet, due to the nature of his case and felt shameful and worried about his family finding out about his past. He needed extensive, permanent internet pornography removal but didn't know where to turn. He only knew how depressed and helpless that he felt.

He had been at an extremely low ebb in his life, when he was coerced into a sex video - homeless, vulnerable, penniless and without hope. Without access to a shower and a fixed address, the chance of earning any money was a far reaching thought for him and he was offered £150 to appear in a sex video, which he reluctantly did. He was desperate.  

The sex video that was sold to him as 'having fun while making money', left him feel highly violated, threatened, exploited and isolated. He came to us for help, after reading one of our articles, at the very brink of suicide after what had happened to him.

Exploited and violated

Our client was plied with drugs and drink when he arrived at the industrial estate and the pornographic sex film started and as the cameras rolled, what happened next wasn't what was verbally agreed. Rather than sex with one person, which was bad enough for our client to endure, he was subjected to gang raping of a horrific and violent nature that our client had not consented to. Our dear client begged the producer to delete the sex video but the producer ignored him and instead, exploited him by selling the video on highly degrading, violent and popular, lucrative porn websites and putting links to the sites all across the internet, to ensure maximum exposure.

Tracking the producer down for internet pornography removal

We tracked the sex film producer down who immediately admitted to the exploitation of our client and publishing of the sex video and out of fear of exposure, he immediately admitted to the crime as well as ceasing and desisting, along with paying our client damages, legal fees, sex film copyright sign back and agreeing to legally binding mechanisms that would ensure prevention of further publications.  

Internet pornography removal services

Over time, we have developed many tools to allow for swift removal of offensive material off the internet. Here, we performed one of our comprehensive internet pornography removal services, which removed all traces and links to the sex video from all areas of the internet, after we tracked the coercive sex film producer down. We worked discreetly and confidentially, of course and our client's family and friends did not find out about this excrutiating experience that he endured when he was most vulnerable, and he has started to sleep at night again and is now rebuilding his life. He agreed to us writing about his story, purely so that others in a similar desperate situation, may find us. He really did not see an end in sight because, as with many of our clients, he thought that getting legal help for internet pornography removal seemed so impossible and if he did find legal help for unwanted pornography, it would be cost prohibitive. He also felt too ashamed to talk about his sex video exploitation and worried about being judged. We are the only lawyers specialising in pornography on the internet in the UK and we have good relationships with internet attorneys around the world, allowing for multi-jurisdictional assistance with an internet pornography removal. We understand how having any unwanted content on the internet can affect people mentally and physically, and removing sex videos off the internet and providing help with online harassment to give our clients freedom is what drives us. It is why we work on a no-win-no-fee basis where possible, too. 

Many sex film actors do not agree prior to what they end up doing

Many sex video performers would not agree to do what they end up doing when the cameras start to roll, hence the alcohol and drugs supplied by the producer. They may sign a consent form but they may not be signing a legal document, since the consent form does not depict the true and actual events that they have agreed to. Also, when under the influence, consent is questionable. Many people that have called us that require sex video removal assistance, are threatened by a producer that is intent on using them to turn out whatever will be a lucrative trending porn video (which for a long time have involved violence and gang raping) and they often will entice vulnerable people with the offer of sex and money, as if it will be a pleasant experience. Who would think about the perniciousness of the internet and how one video can be shared and reshared and reposted and downloaded and uploaded and linked hundreds of times over the years? 

Call our internet lawyers if you have had a similar experience or just that you want internet pornography removal. We don't need a reason as to why you want internet pornography removal off the internet as soon as possible and help with a long term remedy but we do want to help and we do need to start working immediately. Call us for an internet pornography removal consultation: 0800-612-7211, or contact our internet law firm here, if you cannot talk to us right now. If you just want someone to talk to that understands what you are going through, we are here for you too. 

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